The Traveler’s Guide to Passivity

Give me a day of un-want
A moment of satisfaction
Desires, greed and hunger tears me
Give me. Give me appreciation

No cheer, no drum rolls or song
A walk towards the sunset I don’t ask
I seek not effusive pacification
Come and remove this mask

Strength and courage drains me
No battle of a hero unsung
I crave not glory, immortality
Care to finish what I begun?

Sit by me while I repose
Enable me this delay
Whisper softly your displeasure
Faith and trust to betray

Wealth but naught I carry
Poverty of mind I regret
Systematic delusion of priority
Foolish anger is what begets

Trudge along my friend
Only shame, only shame here
Farewell! This is the end
Lie to everyone for me there.