Into The Distance

And through the darkness I trudge
Your tears guide my way
My body wrought and battered
In gentle winds my soul sway

No comfort, no fruits of labour
Did taste so divine to my lips
As when you embrace me with fervour
And shower me with your kiss

Your deep eyes, so intoxicating
I brim with lust
I drink my soul’s filling
I sate my body’s thirst

Not it fills me with pleasure, my love
How numbered our days become
The guilt of parting and hurt
Again and again, but I live on

You are there, and I am not
Pain and longing in our between
Neither fair or just this separation
Only hope and memories fill in

I crave your fragrance darling
I crave your touch
But in depths of misery and suffering
Courage your voice gives much

I yearn for our days as one
For our “happily ever after”
But your love helps me push on
For now that’s all I can ask for.

Long distance relationships can be hard. Both to your mind as well as your body. But like every other relationships – including non-distance ones – effort have to be made to sustain it. Love helps, and being in love is the best feeling there is, no doubt about it, but it still sucks when we want to be together and for some reason can’t. This is for all the lovelorn fools out there who, like me, are in a long distance relationship.

The Traveler’s Guide to Passivity

Give me a day of un-want
A moment of satisfaction
Desires, greed and hunger tears me
Give me. Give me appreciation

No cheer, no drum rolls or song
A walk towards the sunset I don’t ask
I seek not effusive pacification
Come and remove this mask

Strength and courage drains me
No battle of a hero unsung
I crave not glory, immortality
Care to finish what I begun?

Sit by me while I repose
Enable me this delay
Whisper softly your displeasure
Faith and trust to betray

Wealth but naught I carry
Poverty of mind I regret
Systematic delusion of priority
Foolish anger is what begets

Trudge along my friend
Only shame, only shame here
Farewell! This is the end
Lie to everyone for me there.