Happy New Year!

A little late I guess, but here it is. The inevitable post on New Year


India can be easily called the land of festivals. Being a melting pot of such a diverse culture has its effect, I suppose. But my favourite has always been the “New Year”. Although, technically not a festival, but since it is celebrated and it serves my purpose here, I am going to say it is. This year, like every other year, has seen its fair share of ups and downs. But who wants to remember the bad days? So, below I chronicle the best things that have happened to me this year in no particular order:-


1.       The last time I had seen a snowfall was when I was 10 years old. I had longed to experience it again, and I got the chance to do it this year in January at Manali. And boy did it snow. For 36 hours straight, I think.

2.       Not only did I get to see and feel snowfall, I also learnt how to ski. Something I’d wanted to do since my childhood when we used to “ski” with a pair of bamboo sticks.

3.       I had the good fortune of experiencing true contentment when I went to Kodaikanal with a couple of my old buddies. For two days I spent there, I was free of any care or worry. Like nothing could happen to me. I felt that, if I were to die there right then, I wouldn’t’ve regretted.

4.       It is quite strange to question one’s commitment to one’s favourite sports team. Yet I did. On the last day of the English Premier League Arsenal had to win to secure the final spot for Champion’s League. When it was finally over, I was laughing and crying with joy and relief that we’d won. I cannot question my fan-status anymore.

5.       I scored a pen-pal.

6.       After nine years, and many setbacks, I finally managed to inculcate the discipline (sort of) that enabled me to clear all my monetary debts. I can look forward to actual savings from next year. Touchwood.

7.       I found a girl whom I love, and who loves me back. Well, technically she found me, but that’s just detail, right?

8.       My relationship with both my aunt and mom is improving.

9.       I discovered that I can be funny, sometimes.

10.     My younger brother got a job. That’s a pressure off my pocket. 🙂

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