What Passion?

So I was going through my old manuscripts the other day, and I noticed that despite the difference in themes in them, there was one idea that kept repeating itself. Most of them had rather desperate pleadings to the world to remember me. I think it’s a legitimate request. Don’t you? We like to think of ourselves as the centre of universe in our immediate vicinity. But the truth is, it’s just an illusion! Work does not stop when you’re on a vacation. There’s someone else to do it. You fall sick, but life around you keeps on going. And you realise that your end is definitely not the end of the universe. Life goes on, and people move on, and you’re not certain that people will even remember you after you die. And so you plead.


                                                A legacy is what we wish to leave behind once we’ve moved on from this world. A part of ourselves that people will look at and say, “There! There he is.” I am sure this is one of the factor people take into account while choosing to marry and have kids. Some have said as much to me. So, for those of us who have deliberately decided to opt out of matrimony, the fear of being forgotten is not quite unreasonable. Off course, having kids does not ensure continuity. I don’t even know the names of my grandparents!


                                                Some people devote themselves to their family. Some devote themselves to their calling. Each in their own way, working towards this goal, a legacy to leave behind. And I am willing to bet my money on the idea that how successful a person thinks he has been in achieving said goal is directly proportional to how content he will feel on his death-bed. So, what’s it gonna be? Me? I think I’ll write blogs.

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