On a good year, its remarkable that I get to meet two or three old friends of mine while I’m on leave(vacation for the uninitiated) I wonder how its gonna be this year. I mean this year has been a years of firsts for me. First time I’m going home for the second time in a year. First time so many of my friends has promised to come see me. First time I’ll visit Palzor Stadium to cheer for HOME team. In more ways than one, I’m quite looking forward to going home this year. Even though I don’t have as much cash on me as I would’ve wanted, I somehow feel this time around it will be better than the boring ones I’ve had to endure for the last six years.

In some way its weird, because, most people look forward to their vacation, and going home after a long hard year. But mine usually turn out to be a long drawn mundane exercise whose end I’m more than happy to see. But this time around I’m a little excited. There isn’t any dramatic change or a big reason for that. I suppose, changing my outlook helped a little. May be its a combination of small reasons that contributed to change everything. I guess I’ll find out when I reach there. For now I’m happy to feel the way I feel. And that’s ANTICIPATION! EXCITEMENT! 🙂

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